After a decade immersed in a project focused on the dance floor, Álvaro Aragonés moves to Berlin, where he begins a new journey, relaxed in bpms, where eclecticism and avant-garde prevail.
It's in October 2016 when his debut album "A Place To Be" leaves, influenced by the different cultures of the cities that give title to the eight tracks that compose it. From Kenya to Tokyo, passing through Berlin itself, with great reception making a "Sold Out" of their physical copies in double 12" in a few weeks.
Once the project takes shape, it's the spanish label Sofa Tunes, who trusts Daar - the name that gives life to this new project -, editing his first EP in Cassette. "Quetzal EP", tries to reflect a journey through the jungles of Yucatan and the Mayan civilization.
2018 meant for Daar his international debut, with a Split composed by two totally analogical pieces by the Indonesian label "Tandem Tapes". His first remixes also saw the light, highlighting the one made to the London-based producer Russian Linesman, known for his program on the British BBC.
After moving to Madrid in 2019, Foodandsound label is the inflection point of the project. With an irrefutable proposal, "Borders EP" was born. The release 004 of the lucentin label becomes a live A/V project, totally analogical with a critical-social guideline dealing with the border conflicts that affect us today.
Álvaro's joint work with the catalan artist Trama Barcelo (visuals) is rewarded with a residency in the prestigious project Konvent Zero (Berga, Barcelona), an artistic running of the bulls from which we can expect a very special A/V show.
Borders EP + live A/V show will be out next September 2019.